Pubdate: Wed, 24 May 2000
Source: Richmond Review (CN BC)
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Author: Norm Siefken


I would like to express my support for Alan Randell, the Victoria gentleman 
who criticized Mayor Halsey-Brandt's hard-line position on marijuana 
growers. Randell is among the majority of Canadians who support marijuana 
legalization for adults, and his argument made perfect sense. If we simply 
allow adults to grow their own marijuana outdoors then grow-houses will 
quickly become a thing of the past. It makes perfect sense.

The RCMP and the government must take full responsibility for all of the 
fires and other real estate damage caused by indoor marijuana cultivation. 
They forced the growers to go indoors and that caused the whole problem in 
the first place.

Times are changing. Millions of Canadians now choose marijuana instead of 
alcohol, and they have made a much healthier choice. These Canadians have 
every right to be fed up with our unjust and hypocritical laws.

The taxpayers have also had enough. It costs about $65,000 per year to keep 
each marijuana inmate in prison.That money would be better spent on a 
proper health care system.

Norm Siefken
Chilliwack BC -via e-mail
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