Pubdate: Wed, 07 Jun 2000
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
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Author: Paul Marsden, Garden Grove


If Barry McCaffrey's war on drugs here at home is any indication of his
actions overseas during the Gulf War there is plenty of reason for concern,
regardless of what McCaffrey says in his own defense ["Hersh, Novak offer
revisionist Gulf War history,: Commentary, June 4]. We see drug warriors
like McCaffrey use their power to have anti-drug propaganda written into
sitcom scripts. We see drug warriors like McCaffrey gleefully unveil Coast
Guard helicopters equipped with machine guns. We see drug warriors like
McCaffrey argue in favor of sending billions of dollars to South American
countries in hopes slowing production. Time and again, we see the permanent
and horrific damage done to Americans by the war on drugs and its
proponents. Libertarians recognize that force is not the answer but, as one
might imagine, that will always be a hard sell with retired generals.

Paul Marsden, Garden Grove
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