Pubdate: Thu, 15 Jun 2000
Source: Daily Times, The (MD)
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Author: Charlene Lewis


I want you to know just how crazy our school system has become. I have a
16-year-old son who attends a Wicomico County school. In mid-May my son,
along with one of his friends, was brought down to the office to be
questioned concerning a drug issue.

My son was searched and his locker was searched. In my son's locker was his
friend's book bag. Both boys' bags were searched. My son's book bag had
nothing, his friend's had some Parmesan cheese in it. The officer told my
son he "hit gold," and if my son would admit to doing other drug crimes he
would drop the charges of suspicion of crack cocaine.

My son admitted to nothing.

His case was turned I over to the Department of Juvenile Justice, lie was
suspended for five days and ordered to receive five weeks of drug

I immediately had my son drug-tested through the health department. His test
was negative.

I cannot believe our tax dollars are going toward such ludicrous matter. The
Board of Education is responsible to pay for these drug classes, and we all
know where that money comes from.

Taxes are being raised for our school system. Why? They have plenty of money
to throw around. Parmesan cheese does not look like any drug out there. The
charges of attempting to sell a foreign substance such as Parmesan cheese is
ridiculous, the school itself sells the cheese for the bread sticks they

When will our system stop such crazy actions toward our children at our
cost? Is it any wonder the children are getting revengeful? Maybe an elected
school board is necessary instead of the current system where the board
members are appointed by our government.

Charlene Lewis Hebron
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