Pubdate: Sun, 02 Jul 2000
Source: Journal Gazette (IN)
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Author: Andrew Bolds


Is the Bill of Rights important to you? The recent story of two police
department employees "forgetting" to take mandatory random drug tests
is yet another reminder of our horrendous drug war and its effect on
all of our constitutional protections. Unlike thousands of "forgetful"
employees, Mr. Hartup and Mr. Essex (according to this newspaper) got
off with unpaid suspensions. This is because, according to Chief York,
both men are good employees, and he doesn't believe they were trying
to circumvent the system.

Apparently, the chief doesn't understand that missing a test for any
reason besides death or close to it is considered an automatic
admission of guilt. It doesn't matter if the chief thinks these men
are "good employees" or not, and it certainly doesn't matter that they
passed the test the next day.

It's just another sad reminder of how the business of violating our
constitutional protections works. Again, too bad for all of us.


Fort Wayne
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