Pubdate: Fri, 20 Apr 2001
Source: Otago Daily Times (New Zealand)
Copyright: Allied Press Limited, 2001
Author: Duncan Eddy
Bookmark: (Cannabis)


I'd like to thank Dr Ivan Harper for his reflections on my stance against 
cannabis prohibition (6.4.01). It is an honour to have been the subject of 
one of his unique diatribes. The prejudice and fear that clouds Dr Harper's 
view of cannabis and cannabis law reform might have been taken seriously 10 
or 15 years ago, but times have changed.

These days a large number of New Zealanders choose to smoke cannabis, and 
the resulting harm is far less than that caused by alcohol and tobacco 
abuse. Our flawed cannabis legislation unjustly criminalises hundreds of 
thousands of New Zealanders, as well as presenting a major impediment to 
drug education, treatment, and community intervention.

The impact of cannabis prohibition is by far the major danger associated 
with cannabis use. Duncan Eddy


[Abridged. - Ed.]