Pubdate: Thu, 11 Jan 2001
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As the new year begins, I know I'll always remember 2000 as the year we won 
the big one. My wife and I did better than win the lottery or profit from a 
wise investment. To the contrary. A decision we made in March wiped us out. 
We borrowed $1,500 to add to our only $1,000 and invested it all in 
Ibogaine. It was all we had and two weeks later it was gone. So how is that 
winning the big one?

Ibogaine is a drug used in treating addiction. It is illegal in only four 
countries, including the United States. We watched my wife's son's heroin 
addiction bring him to the brink of death. Several drug- treatment programs 
had obviously not been successful and there were no available beds in his 
greatest time of need.

My wife lost a 16-year-old son in 1984 when he accidentally shot himself. 
Her only daughter died at age 21 in an auto accident last year. We could do 
nothing to save them, but we had to try to finally end the addiction that 
was about to claim another son's life.

Carl left for Amsterdam, Holland, in March to take the Ibogaine treatment 
that saved his life. Combined with proper aftercare, his life is finally 
his own.

We won the big one.

Carl was so excited to be well that he explained the success of his 
treatment in a face-to-face discussion with Gov. Whitman and Christine 
Grant, state Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, on May 3 of last 
year. Sadly, neither followed through with their promise to look into 
Ibogaine as a future treatment option in New Jersey.

Still, it was nice to win the big one. Ibogaine was the investment of a 

JIM MILLER Silverton
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