Pubdate: Sat, 13 Jan 2001
Source: Hartford Courant (CT)
Copyright: 2001 The Hartford Courant
Author: John Christopher


Although this past election year was most unconventional, one 
unconventional issue was ignored by all of the presidential candidates: the 
legalization of drugs. The legalization of heroin would make its use more 
sanitary and drastically reduce the number of AIDS cases in the country. 
AIDS is a major drag on our health care system, and all people would 
benefit in terms of reduced health care costs, not to mention the lives 
that would be saved through access to clean needles. Furthermore, heroin 
use would be regulated by the health care profession. People who might 
normally die of accidental overdoses could instead check themselves into a 
clinic and have the heroin administered under the watchful eye of a health 
care professional.

The so-called war on drugs has been largely unsuccessful, yet politicians 
won't admit it. The dollars spent on drug enforcement could be better used 
in drug education programs that would discourage the use of drugs among our 
nation's youth.

Moreover, the tax revenues from legalized marijuana would be astronomical.

John Christopher

West Hartford
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