Pubdate: Mon, 04 Jun 2001
Source: Morning News of Northwest Arkansas (AR)
Copyright: 2001, Donrey Media Group
Author: Jerry L. Hawkins, Jr.
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Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion on certain matters.
During my 15 years in Benton County I have kept my mouth shut,
observing the society that I dwell in. One should recognize the fact
that others have an opinion. Just because we state that opinion should
not make others hate or become polarized to our position, but it does.
You Christians that show your hate and intolerance are only displaying
what Christ was not. You people who are supposed to be intelligent and
well-educated seem to get caught up in the rhetoric and hate that
perpetuates only from intolerance and ignorance.

I am a man. An American man. Indian (Cherokee),Irish, German, Black
Dutch. I represent what has come and what shall always be America,
diversity. I am a single parent (16 years),striving to keep my family
to ether and alive in a hostile (perfect society) environment. I am
self-employed. I represent the ability to make your own way with the
will of determination. I am a veteran (six years).I represent the
patriotic sons of Liberty. I am on the Dean 's List at NWACC. I
represent the yearning for betterment of self.

Finally, I am a marijuana user, I represent the normal American
striving for natural medicines, and the freedom to choose them. I am a
Judean/Christian and cannot hate you no matter how hard you try. I
leave Benton County and all my memories, friends and love of the earth
here soon. Good-bye and try not to hate so much (but you will).

Jerry L.Hawkins Jr.

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