Pubdate: Thu, 14 Jun 2001
Source: Sun News (SC)
Copyright: 2001 Sun Publishing Co.
Author: Chris Buors


According to Chief Prosecutor J. Gregory Hembree, the state has the 
duty to protect children born or not. That perception would have 
startled Aristotle, not to mention Thomas Jefferson. The parents 
protect the children. They have since time began, and they will until 
time ends. The state, as amply observable in the Regina McKnight 
case, can only punish.

Perception is not reality. Witchcraft and other perceptions were 
widely believed 300 years ago. Up until the 1940s, masturbatory 
insanity was the chief psychiatric "destroyer of will" theory until 
addictions came along to take its place. Medical sounding destroyer 
of will theories find receptive ears in theologic-based society. The 
truth is that we all have free will, and there are no supernatural 
forces that can destroy it.

Since Hembree is depriving citizens of their liberty based on the 
notion of addiction, perhaps he can provide the name of the person 
who proved the theory.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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