Pubdate: Mon, 15 Jan 2001
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
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Author: Danny Dee


I want to thank The Sun and Terrance Armstrong for the article, "Death
in the alley: A love story" (Jan. 6), which honoured April's passing.

Up to the point this article was printed the media coverage had been
superficial and sensational. "Death in the alley" shared our story --
an example of the battle faced by many drug addicts and the people who
love them. There is much more to the story, but this was an important
step forward.

The article gave me hope that at least someone was listening. April
didn't have to die. I think that was made clear. There is no reason
that the thousands of drug addicts had to die. What is killing our
friends, family members and loved ones is the lack of funding for
treatment centres that address the deeper issues behind drug addiction.

April died on Christmas day. The discovery of her body, the
description of the bag she was found in being opened like a present,
and that April was the gift inside is a terrible image, but it is very
true. April was a gift -- in life and in death. While she was alive
she filled my life and filled the lives of everyone who knew her. I
pray that in death articles like the one you published and the work
done by the Odd Squad will help others and in this way she will
continue to be the gift I knew her to be.

Danny Dee

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