Pubdate: Mon, 25 Jun 2001
Source: Kelowna Capital News (BC)
Copyright: 2001, Kelowna Capital News Ltd.
Author: Greg Williams


To the editor,

The whole concept of legalizing marijuana is nuts you say.

That's the most narrow-minded, uneducated, craziest thing I've ever heard. 
Not to mention selfish. Seems to me that Lee Rogers and K. Hamilton know 
nothing of which they speak.

They say that users of marijuana and promoters of marijuana are acting like 
spoiled children and that they are all an immature bunch of people.

Well tell that to judges who smoke it, and law enforcement officers, 
lawyers, and doctors, and the list goes on and on.

We live in a free country, where the NDP and the Liberals have taxed all of 
our resources, and put our province and country into a virtual mess.

There is only going to be one more cash cow tax for Canada, and it will be 
from hemp. Currently the federal government is spending millions of dollars 
researching marijuana because they know that this highly sought-after herb 
is what is going to get Canada's deficit down to zero within a very short 
time after being legalized, probably about two to five years.

For many years now, I've heard stories from our pensioners that some of 
them are eating cat and dog food to supplement their diet because the 
government doesn't give them enough to live on.

If marijuana was legal and the tax used properly, there would be money for 
everyone who needs it.

This tax, I can't stress enough, has to be used to help all Canadians, not 
just line the pockets of politicians.

What we need is proper education about marijuana, Cannabis has been around 
since the beginning of time and used for medical reasons, as well as 
recreational use.

I just hope that before people judge, they hear about the good values of 
pot. I'd like to thank the B.C. Marijuana Party for coming forward and 
standing up for a better way for all Canadians, and people of the world.

Greg Williams Kelowna
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