Pubdate: Fri, 22 Jun 2001
Source: South Delta Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 South Delta Leader
Author: Michael Hansen
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Editor, The Leader:

Dear all, I would like to thank all candidates and support staff who worked 
so hard to make a clear statement to the people of British Columbia, Canada 
and even the world that cannabis is alive and well and continues to be a 
large part of the modern and progressive social and political arena.

I appreciated the opportunity to grow and develop on a personal level and 
at the same time, be able to bring a higher public profile to the issue of 
cannabis awareness which we all so enthusiastically support.

However, at this time, I, Michael Hansen, Candidate Delta South, 
respectfully submit my resignation from the BC Marijuana Party. I have 
tried to live my life in support of true democracy, which supports all 
persons regardless of belief, economic strata, race, gender, etc. in having 
an equal voice in any and all issues which affect ALL.

I feel at this time that this situation does not exist in the BCMP and that 
I cannot support leadership which acts first and then asks what everyone 
thinks afterwards. I will continue to support, lobby and research the 
wonders of the cannabis plant, with avenues which I had already established 
previous to my candidacy.

I invite any and all who wish to remain in contact with me to do so at Brian Taylor, thank you for your awesome job in leading this party and I 
appreciated your considerate resignation message.

Your support of the democratic vote is to be admired. I hope to work 
together with you and many others who are of the same mind.

Michael Hansen, Delta
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