Pubdate: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Neil MacNaughton


To the Editor,

Re: City Mountie faces fight from suspect with syringe - June 11.

Want a solution? Legalize drugs.

What would that accomplish? Let's think about it.

A user who can purchase his drug at a pharmacy will receive a clean needle 
and unadulterated drugs.

A clean needle supply will keep him free from disease caused by needle 
sharing, a problem caused by prohibition.

He will not commit crimes to support his habit because he will easily be 
able to afford his drugs.

It is the black market that causes drug costs to be hugely inflated. He 
will purchase his drug in a pure, controlled form. The purity of street 
heroin ranges anywhere from five to 60 percent. This causes some users to 
overdose because they're expecting a low purity. Others become violent 
because they're expecting higher purity only to find they've been ripped 
off. Still others end up with significant health problems because of the 
toxic substances used to dilute the drug.

There is no need to dilute drugs except to increase profits. The black 
market is not regulated. The pharmaceutical market is.

Legal drugs mean pure drugs. Want to get dirty drug users off the street? 
Legalize it today. Want to keep people off drugs? Do it through education 
and treatment.

The health, social and economic costs of prohibition far outweigh the same 
costs in a legalized and regulated drug environment.
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