Pubdate: Sat, 14 Jul 2001
Source: Oregonian, The (OR)
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Author: Curt Wagoner


The mere fact that the article "Poll shows student drug use, risks" (July 
4) appeared in your paper is a perfect example of the ineffectiveness of 
our nation's prohibitionist policies toward drug use and abuse.

Marijuana prohibition has been in effect for going on 70 years, yet the 
poll shows marijuana being the most popular drug of choice among those 
children polled.

Of all the billions of dollars spent trying to make America "drug free", 
your article shows me that it has been a disastrous waste of resources.

As a nation, we spend $50 billion a year on the "war on drugs," yet is 
seems that any kid with the money can purchase any drug he wants on any 
school campus.  What a waste!

The prohibitionist approach has always brought a rise in crime, violence, 
corruption, disease and death.  It obviously doesn't keep drugs out of the 
hands of children so, why do we continue this nonsense?  Just because drugs 
are bad doesn't mean the war on drugs is good.

Curt Wagoner
La Pine, OR
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