Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jul 2001
Source: Sun News (SC)
Copyright: 2001 Sun Publishing Co.
Author: Glen M Nowak


Pain treatment center patients owed apology I feel that your paper owes an 
apology to a lot of people who have been going to [Comprehensive Care and 
Pain Management Center]. Not all patients use Oxycontin. I have been going 
to this pain management facility since 1995, at which time I was put on my 
medications (non-narcotic) by the pain management program at the Medical 
University of South Carolina. The Drug Enforcement Agency [is using] a 
seldom used law, whereas the doctors must have their prescription license 
number at the place where they prescribe medication.

Your paper has given a false impression to all of our friends, neighbors, 
and medical facilities that anyone who had Comprehensive Care and Pain 
Management Center as their prescribing doctors, that we are drug addicts 
and this is not true. We are people who have been given a bad deal and have 
to live with constant pain.

Glen M. Nowak Surfside Beach
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