Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jul 2001
Source: Texas Observer (TX)
Copyright: 2001 The Texas Observer
Authors: Jeremy Fischer and Mike Smithson


Thank you for having the courage to expose the drug war as primarily 
an excuse to imprison young black men. I look forward to subscribing 
to your magazine as soon as I can scrape the money together. When 
people celebrate a Connecticut Yankee as a true Texan, it's good to 
see the real thing in action.

Jeremy Fisher
Euless, TX

Your Afterword about Juneteenth and the killings in Mexia in the June 
22 issue is another great piece. Keep it up. Even a libertarian like 
me enjoys your "rag." Of course, I see this as another example of the 
Drug War's failure, but I'm a one-issue kinds guy.

Mike Smithson
Syracuse, NY
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