Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jul 2001
Source: Log Cabin Democrat (AR)
Copyright: The Log Cabin Democrat
Author: Anne Lasowski


 From Anne Lasowski,


Thank you for the article regarding the newly enacted drug testing school 
policy. As a baby boomer who grew up in the drug-crazed late '60s and '70s, 
I see the reason for the drug testing. While the article was good, there 
are lingering questions that I would like to see answered.

What kind of success have the school districts had with drug-testing 
policies? Have there been research studies conducted at the schools before 
the policy was adopted and after the policy was adopted? Are the kids 
involved in drugs the same kids who would be in extracurricular activities 
such as Geology Club, band, Astronomy Club, honors, and a whole host of 
other clubs available to the students? I agree with Steve Fulmer in that 
these students will have more reason to "Just Say No," but are they the 
ones with a problem?

I also question the punishment when a test is positive. The student is 
removed from the extracurricular activity for a period of time and put in 
counseling. Are parents aware that they will have to pay for the counseling 
expense? Will the student benefit from being removed from the activity or 
will the student have more time on his hands to be more involved in drugs?

The school district deserves all kinds of kudos for addressing a problem 
that is prevalent among students, but why do the students who are not a 
problem always have be to be included in the race to cure America's social 
ills? The more rules and regulations we have, the more room there is for 
foul-ups, regardless of the good intentions. If a student tests positive 
for drugs because of some food he or she ate the night before, how long 
will it take to correct the foul-up or will it even be corrected?

Notices of the rescheduled parents' meeting concerning something as 
important as this infringement on our child's privacy should have been 
mailed to each parent, instead of depending on parents to read about it in 
the paper, especially since the paper is an expense. I know the school 
district probably put a notice in the paper, but I was probably doing two 
loads of wash while getting dinner on the table and running my kids to swim 
practice, gymnastics, and dance, so I must have missed it. I would have 
taken the time to read a letter from the school.

Is the drug policy going to address the students who need the attention or 
will it only serve to alienate teen-agers who already distrust the "adult" 
world. The bottom line is" What are the true costs of this drug policy?

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 31, there is going to be a school board meeting at 
which Dr. Bruce Plopper will talk about this issue. If you have an opinion 
on this matter, please call a school board member and please show up at the 
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