Pubdate: Sun, 24 Jun 2001
Source: Little Rock Free Press (AR)
Copyright: 2001 Little Rock Free Press
Author: Bill Holmes


The Bush Administration just mailed a check for $43 million of your tax 
dollars to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. 1. As a libertarian, I 
believe there should be zero "foreign aid," i.e. zero foreign government 
subsidies. 2. Funding these religious fanatics is telling the world, "You 
can eliminate the Rule of Law. You can employ democratic mobocracy to 
destroy the religious artifacts of others and render women not just 
dependent on men, but subhuman. You can demonize others for their religious 
or a religious beliefs. You can do all this and more -and get paid for it 
if only you'll support our War on Drugs."  Anyone with a rational mind or 
who has studied prohibition history knows that the only thing that will 
stop the supply is a lack of demand.  This is almost as bad as funding the 
cause of the problem: Republican fundamentalists and their insane drug 
prohibition. Were it not for what remains of the Rule of Law in the U.S.A., 
they would also destroy the free expression of others, religious or 
otherwise (art, pornography) and subjugate women.

Bill Holmes
Carlsbad, California
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