Pubdate: Sat,  4 Aug 2001
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2001 The Seattle Times Company
Authors: Cindy Burke, Kevin Nelson, Ben Livingston
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Once Again, Leaders Defy Voters' Will, Crossing Green Cross

Editor, The Times:

I was dismayed to see your story about the Seattle Police Department 
shutting down Green Cross in West Seattle, which supplies medical 
marijuana to terminally ill people ("Seattle police crack down on 
medical-pot purveyor," Times, Aug. 1). On Nov. 3, 1998, the voters of 
Washington state voted overwhelmingly to approve Initiative 692. As a 
result, this medical marijuana initiative is now state law.

Green Cross is not a drug den; only patients with identification and 
a letter from their doctor are allowed to purchase marijuana. 
Patients are only allowed on the premises during specific weekday 
hours. All of these patients suffer from terminal diseases, as well 
as debilitating side-effects from medication. For terminally ill 
people, marijuana is a relatively harmless way to relieve some of 
their suffering.

And yet, our city leadership would defy the will of the voters 
(again!), shut down one of the few suppliers of medical marijuana, 
and force sick people onto the streets to solicit drug dealers for 
marijuana to ease their suffering.

As a long-time Seattle resident, I am utterly appalled with the 
priorities of the police department. The "leadership" in this city is 
sadly lacking, and this is just another example of how the police are 
out of touch with the people of Seattle.

- - Cindy Burke, West Seattle


SPD Takes A Hit

Shame on King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng and the Seattle Police 
Department for shutting down the Green Cross Marijuana Co-Op. It is 
bitterly ironic that this cruel and cowardly action took place just 
two days after the Canadian government became the official supplier 
of marijuana to qualified patients in their country.

It is difficult to feel anything but contempt for our do-nothing 
governor and Legislature, which continue to avoid any action to 
endorse and implement our state's medical marijuana Initiative 692. 
And the police-produced "training video" demonstrating the 
stereotypical "hippie faker" patient, shows how far removed from 
reality these "public servants" really are.

It has been said that nothing short of full marijuana legalization 
will end the bureaucratic suppression of the medical value of this 
plant. Marijuana prohibition was born of racism and lies in 1937, it 
is maintained through enforced denial, and it is one of the greatest 
frauds of the past 100 years. Thirteen million arrests later, it is 
more a fraud than ever.

Shame on you, Norm Maleng! And shame on you, Seattle Police Department!

- - Kevin Nelson, Bow


Leave In Peace

Sick and dying patients shouldn't have to roam the streets for a 
little bit of marijuana. Leave them alone.

- - Ben Livingston, Seattle
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