Pubdate: Wed, 15 Aug 2001
Source: Halifax Daily News (CN NS)
Copyright: 2001 The Daily News.
Author: Chuck Beyer


To the editor:

What a shame that Jean Charest is such a throwback to the dark ages of 
reefer-madness. I feel doubly sorry for Quebecers. The only alternative to 
the separatists is a party led by a myopic drug warrior.

Charest has said he is in favour of medicinal marijuana use, but that is 
all. He said that going further would be imprudent.

Excuse me: I would say that giving black marketers a monopoly on a product 
used by two million Canadians is imprudent. These are marketers, after all, 
who sometimes use guns to settle their disputes.

Could it be that Charest is looking to gain votes from the public-service 
unions that profit from marijuana prohibition? Along with lawyers and 
judges, there are the police officers, court clerks, sheriffs and other 
officials that all get there share of the "loot," wages derived from 
prohibition. And in Quebec, they have supported the Parti Quebecois.

Marijuana prohibition was created in the U.S. to protect oil companies from 
competition from cannabis and hemp.

Mr. Charest - like an ardent American Republican - can be counted on to 
promote the holy trinity of guns, oil and drugs. I am sure Uncle Sam would 
be proud of him.

Chuck Beyer

Victoria, B.C.
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