Pubdate: Thu, 16 Aug 2001
Source: San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Copyright: 2001 San Jose Mercury News
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SANDRA Bennett's attack on Ellen Goodman fails to deal with the other 
side of the coin in the war on drugs.

Sure, some drugs do harm some people, but what about the human 
carnage which results from prohibition? Our jails are filled with 
individuals whose only crime involved exercising free will -- 
individuals who have harmed no one, except possibly themselves. 
Families are being destroyed by this policy.

Those who would attempt to protect individuals by proscribing their 
use of free will should be held accountable for the collateral damage 
their policy causes. Libertarians are aware that ``substance abuse'' 
does exist, and we support prosecution of individuals who infringe 
upon the rights of others while under the influence.

John J. ``Jack'' Hickey

Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County
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