Pubdate: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
Source: Colorado Springs Independent Newsweekly (CO)
Copyright: 2001 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: John K. Berntson


To the Editor:

Thanks to Cara DeGette for the article on the governor's pot plant (Public 
Eye, Aug. 16). You discovered [the plant], from what I have read. I am sure 
you recognized it from your high-school health book.

You are quite right; if it had been found on anybody else's property, it 
would have been no laughing matter. The only point I would make to you, 
which I think you made obliquely, is that when the mere possession of 
anything is made illegal, it makes it just too easy to incriminate an 
innocent person.

Yes, the governor is guilty of many things, but I don't think cultivating 
pot is one of them. He should use this incident as a demonstration of why 
drug prohibition is a danger to us all.

Keep up the good fight!

- -- John K. Berntson
Colorado Springs
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