Pubdate: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
Source: Tulsa World (OK)
Copyright: 2001 World Publishing Co.
Author: Scott McPherson


An Aug. 18 article, "Suspected pot `planted,' governor's aide jokes," 
about a pot plant growing at the governor's mansion in Denver, proves 
that government officials have become a special class of citizens.

State workers removed what appeared to be a knee-high marijuana plant 
from a bed of bluebells and clover. The State Patrol called it a 
"look-alike" plant; experts at the Denver Botanic Gardens, however, 
said it was the genuine article.

It's all been laughed away by the governor's spokesman, who quipped 
that "This is obviously a planted story." Funny. No arrests; no SWAT 
team kicking down the governor's front door; no seizure of the 
governor's assets; no conspiracy charges against his wife, aides, 
servants and groundskeepers. Common citizens get police-state tactics 
while elected officials get to send out their press agents to crack 

Some might ask, "Would you have a governor treated like a brutal 
criminal because of some marijuana on his property?" No -- and I 
wouldn't want anyone else treated that way, either.

Scott McPherson, Tulsa
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