Pubdate: Sun, 26 Aug 2001
Source: Canberra Times (Australia)
Section: Letters to the Editor  Pg 8
Copyright: 2001 Canberra Times
Author: Dave Michon


The possibility of a heroin prescription trial in the ACT is an exciting 
prospect for addiction health care everywhere.

The question of effectiveness is moot; the Swiss experience has proved the 
best way to save these addicted lives is through a combination of methadone 
and medical heroin.

Methadone is the workhorse of narcotic treatment but it doesn't work 
equally well for all and the punitive rules imposed on it have given it a 
bad reputation on the streets.

Heroin prescription will bring the recalcitrant addicts "in" and let much 
of the air out of the black market without complete legalisation.

These are accepted facts everywhere except Washington, DC, and it is the 
United States of America that would defeat the heroin 
prescription-proposals in the ACT.

The real question is whether Australians are sick enough of US drug policy 
being forced on their communities to summon the courage to "Just Say No" to 
the American representatives who will surely arrive with their threats and 

They don't even have support here in the US any more, as their approach 
continues to flood the world with cheap heroin.

Dave Michon
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
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