Pubdate: Fri, 07 Sep 2001
Source: Herald-Palladium, The (MI)
Copyright: 2001 The Herald-Palladium
Author: Mike Plylar



As I fight back tears to write this letter, words cannot explain the sorrow 
in my heart, not only for Mr. Crosslin and Mr. Rohm, but for us all as a 
nation, so vengeful, so corrupted and cruel, that we would allow government 
agents to murder these men, for such a fraudulent, unholy crusade, in which 
so few actually believe. What have we become? History will not look kindly 
on us for what we've allowed to happen in this deadly war against our own 
people, who have beliefs of freedom, so deeply rooted, that they attempted 
to face down this insane drug war machine.

We applaud the Chinese for standing before tanks in Tianamen Square, yet we 
ignore our own citizens when they exercise there inalienable right to live 
as free people. I have little doubt that if the founders of this once free 
country walked the earth today, they too would soon be causalities of this 
hysteria that drives the "war on drugs."

As a veteran, I'm ashamed to have ever served for such a heartless, gutless 
and corrupted land. It shocks my senses that we stand idly by while such, 
by all descriptions, kind and gentle Americans are blasted to eternity by 
government agents and they shield the killers from our citizenry. The 
agents who slaughtered Mr. Crosslin and Mr. (Rolland) Rohm were no heroes 
and only the most depraved of minds believes otherwise. If this was such a 
heroic deed with a consensus of support, why must our government spirit the 
killers away under a cloak of secrecy? Shouldn't they be held up on a 
pedestal, so we may all thank them for such noble deeds? I think, by now, 
every American with a shred of conscience already knows the answer.

John Ashcroft and John Engler, since these slayings took place on their 
watch, with their blessings, had better pray that come judgment day, as 
they approach the pearly gates, that the God I was raised to believe in 
doesn't sit upon the throne, because I have no doubt that he'll condemn 
them to the darkest of hells for allowing his children to die at the hands 
of their underlings, for merely using a plant that God placed on this earth 
for food, fiber, medicine and the mental well-being of all his children.

And the elected officials who have created such a false doctrine, which 
allows these catastrophes to occur in the first place, I believe God 
reserves a special punishment for them that the mortal mind is unable to 
comprehend and they deserve it.

What have they wrought?

Mike Plylar

Kremmling, Colo.
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