Pubdate: Mon, 10 Sep 2001
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Copyright: 2001 Detroit Free Press
Authors: David L. Boudreau, Mark Paul, Steve Helms, William Dwyer
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Is the FBI writing your headlines now ("Farm known for, sex, drugs -- now 
deaths," Sept. 5)? Things were grown on that land, for sure, but it was a 
"campgrounds" to many and a home to a few. I guess the word "compound" has 
fallen out of favor with the feds and newspapers now.

The government has killed a few more citizens in the name of the drug war 
by forcing people's hands in a highly charged situation that was about to 
take their homes without due process.

David L. Boudreau, Brighton


Your demonization of the marijuana counterculture in the Sept. 5 edition of 
your paper was appalling. To link the outrageous acts of a few patrons -- 
such as nudity, adolescents partaking of drugs, and public sex -- to the 
reputation of the Rainbow Farm is unfair to its memory and its cause.

I can think of quite a few places where I have seen all of these things 
happen right here in the metro area -- namely every concert hall and sports 
arena -- yet the state and federal governments are not sending in 
undercover police to these venues in the hopes of imprisoning the owners.

I also see no one bringing in sharpshooters to deal with the open sex and 
drug use in places such as Clark Park or Belle Isle. Our government needs 
to eliminate the hypocrisy, and your paper needs to be a little more objective.

Mark Paul, Lincoln Park


What started off as a pro-pot campground owner being charged with pot 
offenses, and allowing others to smoke pot on his campground, escalated to 
civil asset forfeiture, the state taking custody of his child, federal 
firearm charges and ultimately the death of this pro-pot activist. Being 
killed for a little pot seems excessive compared to rape, murder and a host 
of other violent crimes.

In Michigan, a petition drive is underway for the Personal Responsibility 
Act, which will be placed on the ballot if enough signatures are obtained. 
This act would would have prevented the charges that ultimately caused the 
death of this activist. Unlike here in Texas, where we cannot use petition 
drives to change the law, Michigan residents can have a peaceful revolution.

Steve Helms, Southlake, Texas


In response to your Sept. 6 article "As teen, Rohm left wife to move in 
with Crosslin": You should be ashamed of yourself for digging up irrelevant 
background information on Grover (Tom) Crosslin and Rolland Rohm. The fact 
that they were lovers is irrelevant to the events leading up to and 
precipitating the standoff at Rainbow Farm Campground. I can only assume 
that you submitted this article for publication out of homophobia.

Crosslin's and Rohm's last stand at Rainbow Farm wasn't about gay rights 
issues; it was about the denial of due process and unreasonable search and 
seizure that have run rampant in our government's Nazi-like persecution of 
drug users.

You would be wise to take a refresher course in the concept of relevancy in 
journalism, because your article was nothing but irrelevant rubbish.

William Dwyer, Charlotte
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