Pubdate: Thu, 13 Sep 2001
Source: Daily Mining Gazette, The (MI)
Copyright: 2001 The Daily Mining Gazette
Author: Larry Seguin
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To the editor: We all can sleep better tonight. The FBI and Michigan State 
Police shot and killed a couple of dangerous marijuana smokers. Only 
25,999,998 more marijuana smokers to go, give or take several million. I'm 
referring the the story, "2 Killed In Mich. Campground Standoff" 4 Sept, 
2001. An FBI agent was quoted as saying "We don't know what provoked the 
standoff." How about the usual reason? Civil forfeiture proceedings. You 
allegedly grow a pound of marijuana, you lose your land. You can 
manufacture 1,200 pounds of alcohol, you can grow tobacco - no civil 
forfeiture for those drugs. They kill 450,000 a year. Death from marijuana 
seems to always come from law enforcement. Did the FBI want a peaceful 
ending? Rolland Rohm's stepfather, and Rohm's mother drove all night from 
Tennessee to try to help police negotiate, but were never allowed to speak 
to Rohm. The FBI wouldn't even let Rohm talk to his mother! According to 
neighbors these dangerous men "were peaceful and generous; at Christmas 
they would drive their pickup truck into Vandalia and distribute gifts 
throughout the town of about 350 residents. They also would buy food and 
clothes for people staying at the campground." Over the years they had 
impressive guests: Gatewood Galbraith, candidate for governor in the state 
of Kentucky; noted author Stephen Gaskin; Nora Callahan of the November 
Coalition; Elvy Musikka; Bill Bradley, chairman, Van Buren County 
Libertarian Party; Robert J. Fritakis, Columbus Institute for Contemporary 
Journalism; and Geoffrey Fieger, Democratic candidate for Michigan 
governor; to name a few. These are not people that hang out with criminals. 
Let's see if any Michigan politicians have the guts to come forward to stop 
the war on marijuana! No more killing people over marijuana.

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