Pubdate: Fri, 07 Sep 2001
Source: Camas-Wahougal Post-Record (WA)
Copyright: 2001 Camas-Washougal Post-Record
Address: 425 NE 4th Ave., Camas, WA 98607
Author: Paul Mulwitz


I don't know why the U. S. government is waging its War on Drugs.

I do know it was declared by Richard Nixon 30 years ago.  However, it did 
not come to an end along with his term of service.

I also know the reasons for this war are lost in history. Those reasons are 
not discussed any more.  Actually, I don't know if they are ever were 
publicity discussed.

Perhaps the billions of tax dollars spent every year on this ancient policy 
are justified.  Perhaps the millions of non-violent people in prisons for 
drug possession need to be incarcerated to protect society.  Perhaps it is 
a good idea for federal agents to interfere with marijuana use by sick 
people even through the voters and lawmakers in their own state think it is 

If there is anyone our there who believes the War on Drugs  is a good 
policy, I hope they speak out.  Airing this information could do a lot of 
good.  It could prop up support for this aging policy.  It could also 
convince potential drug users not to do so.

I don't know why the government is waging this War on Drugs, but I should.

Paul Mulwitz, Camas, Wash.
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