Pubdate: Sun, 16 Sep 2001
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
Copyright: 2001 The Daily Camera.
Author: Laura Kriho
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The U.S. federal government was shown to be completely incompetent once 
again when terrorists hijacked four different planes from three different 
airports within the span of an hour on Sept. 11. I suppose this attack 
should come as no surprise, since this is the same federal government that 
"accidentally" bombed the Chinese embassy during the war against Yugoslavia 
because their "intelligence" couldn't provide them with a map any Belgrade 
tourist could have gotten, and the same government that engaged in their 
own terrorist act by destroying a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan because 
they mistakenly thought it was a chemical weapons facility.

I'm sure the solution of the U.S. Congress will be the same as it was after 
the Oklahoma City bombing: throw more money at federal-security agencies 
and enact new anti-terrorism laws. I hope that U.S. citizens will not be 
appeased by this response once again. We already spend billions of dollars 
on "security" and "intelligence," and our laws are strict and severe 
enough. What we need is for people to start doing their jobs!

The job of the FBI should be to protect us against terrorist attacks like 
the ones we just suffered. Instead, the FBI is spending its time and money 
investigating and killing U.S. citizens, as in Ruby Ridge, Waco and on 
Sept. 3, 2001, when two peaceful hemp activists were brutally gunned down 
and killed by the FBI at the Rainbow Farm Campground in Vandalia, Mich. 

It's time we demanded that the federal government operate like a business 
and stop wasting our tax dollars. In a business environment, this terrorist 
attack would cause people to lose their jobs! I would like to see every 
person that could have in any way prevented this attack fired and replaced 
by someone competent. George Bush says he wants to bring "those responsible 
... to justice." Let's have justice start at home. He should begin 
immediately by firing the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA. They failed, and 
their failure cost thousands of lives! Will they continue to collect their 

We don't need more money or more laws to prevent this from ever happening 
again; we just need the federal government to start doing its job!

And that will only be the beginning. To quote songwriter Gil Scott-Heron," 
Peace ain't coming our way; we've got to work for peace."

Laura Kriho
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