Pubdate: Sat, 06 Oct 2001
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2001 The Seattle Times Company
Author: Matt Warning
Bookmark: (Terrorism)


While the Taliban regime merits no defense and its harboring of Osama bin 
Laden is unconscionable, your piece on Afghanistan ("Understanding the 
Crisis: Afghanistan," Times, Sept. 30) would have benefited from more 
careful editing.

"The Poppy Connection" section suggests that the Taliban are supporting 
opium production in their country. If I'm not mistaken, satellite imagery, 
overflights and U.N. reports indicate that the Taliban have had the 
greatest success of all South-Asian governments in reducing opium-poppy 
production in their territory. The Taliban are one of our more aggressive 
partners in our other ill-defined war, the "war on drugs."

- - Matt Warning, Seattle
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