Pubdate: Sun, 09 Sep 2001
Source: Corpus Christi Caller-Times (TX)
Copyright: 2001 Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Author: Mike Plylar


Are you aware that you better be dead on the money with, "Letting your own 
kids do drugs would be new low" (Editorial, Sept. 1), because the same sort 
of thing could possibly occur that just happened in Missouri?

It was reported that a truck driver who was involved in a fatal accident 
had traces of amphetamines, marijuana and barbiturates in his body. Guess 
what? It was a lab screw-up, or so they say. No drugs. Oops.

You want to be very careful about using drug tests as a basis for these 
glaring, eye-catching headlines, because drug testing doesn't work very 
well and when they do these multiples, looking far all kinds of substances, 
they're downright terrible.

Mike Plylar (Kremmling, Colo.)
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