Pubdate: Sun,  4 Nov 2001
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Contra Costa Newspapers Inc.
Author: Sara Nahshon
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We have been grappling with the issue of the decriminalization of marijuana
for more than a generation. South London has just pulled away from the race
with a groundbreaking idea. An experimental law is going to be passed where,
for the next six months, police will not arrest anyone found in possession
of small amounts of marijuana.

This law will provide a much needed service to society. Now the people of
South London who smoke marijuana will not have to make deals with
potentially dangerous peddlers who often times are guilty of crimes more
heinous than just selling pot. This law also will save the government and
taxpayers a great deal of money. 

Jail cells no longer will be filled with people who were busted for
marijuana; courthouses will not be booked to hear a case of someone arrested
with an insignificant amount of the substance, and police officers will have
more time to control dangerous crimes.

I hope Contra Costa County will follow in the footsteps of this example. Not
only is this law going to make it safer for marijuana smokers, but it will
allow taxpayers' money to go to more important causes.

Sara Nahshon, Walnut Creek
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