Pubdate: Tue, 13 Nov 2001
Source: Abbotsford News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 Hacker Press Ltd.
Author: Stan White
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Editor, The News:

Thank you for covering the drug abuse issue in a recent issue ('Drug abuse 
treatment options explored,' Oct. 29).

It is commendable to explore different treatment options for citizens 
wishing to get off drugs. Let's not, however, confuse coerced treatment 
pushed onto cannabis users that are not abusers and wish to continue using 
cannabis responsibly.

Cannabis is a benign substance and should be treated accordingly. It defies 
integrity and rationality to cage humans for using cannabis and to cage 
sick citizens using cannabis for relief of pain is morbid and spiteful for 
a civilization in the year 2001.

Further, as a Christian, it is a sin to cage your brother or neighbor for 
using cannabis.

Cannabis prohibition is a very serious crime - just ask our Father, who 
gave us cannabis for food and medicine.

Thank God for cannabis.

Accept cannabis (also known as kaneh bosm, before the King James Version), 
for what it is as described on the very first page of the Bible (Gen. 
1:11-12 and 29-30).

If God gave us cannabis, who gives us cannabis prohibition? Help end the 
war, not escalate it.

Stan White, Dillon, Col.
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