Pubdate: Fri, 09 Nov 2001
Source: Press Democrat, The (CA)
Copyright: 2001 The Press Democrat
Authors: Alan Silverman and Paul Klopper


We support Lynn Woolsey's vote opposing the anti-terrorism legislation, 
unlike letter-writer Lorraine Puglisi who thinks more laws, tighter 
restrictions on civil liberties, and the erosion of our Constitution will 
make us any safer.

We will still work, shop, go to school, open mail and drive across bridges. 
We will not cower in the face of terrorism, whether it be from al-Qaida, 
Osama bin Laden or domestic terrorists such as those DEA agents who have 
begun terrorizing the sick and dying medical marijuana patients in the 
state of California.

A couple of weeks ago, in an important news story that The Press Democrat 
chose not to report, 30 DEA agents raided a medical marijuana clinic housed 
in a Los Angeles building co-owned by city government. Rather than confront 
the real danger of terrorists who use opiates as a weapon to destroy 
Western society and fund their terrorist network, the DEA exhausted more 
than 300 man-hours attacking sick and dying patients who are a danger to no 

The Constitution rules. The Bill of Rights stands. We are a freedom loving 
people. Freedom is something you fight for, not something you give away. 
Teach your children to stand up. Don't cower.

If we must live with this anti-terrorism bill, then it must be used to 
fight terrorism. We cannot allow the Bush administration and cowardly DEA 
agents to wage war against our own people.

Alan Silverman

and Paul Klopper

Santa Rosa
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