Pubdate: Thu, 22 Nov 2001
Source: Burnaby Now, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc.
Author: Stan White
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Bill McCarthy simply does not get it (Growing pot costs homeowners,
Burnabynow, posted Nov. 15). Law-abiding taxpayers are being
victimized, but not by cannabis users. It is the absolute failure of
decades-old drug war policy from prohibitionist politicians that is
the culprit.

Clearly, much of this problem would be solved if landlords or their
agents voted to re-legalize cannabis. Finally, it is not just the
owners of these grow-ops who are victimized by prohibitionist
government, every citizen, including our children, pays too great a
price for the caging of humans using cannabis.

It defies integrity and rationality to cage humans for using cannabis.
And to cage sick citizens using cannabis for relief of pain is vile,
morbid and spiteful for a civilization in the year 2001.

Further, as a Christian, it is a sin to cage your brother or neighbour
for using cannabis. Thank God for cannabis. Accept cannabis (also
known as kaneh bosm, before the King James Version), for what it is as
described on the very first page (like deja vu) of the Bible (Gen.
1:11-12 & 29-30). Cannabis is a very serious crime.

If God gave us cannabis, who gives us cannabis prohibition?

Help end the war, not escalate it.

Stan White, Dillon, Colorado, via e-mail
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