Pubdate: Fri, 23 Nov 2001
Source: Rock River Times (IL)
Copyright: The Rock River Times 2001
Author: Jos. E. Hopwood


Dear Editor:

My answer to the question raised by Mr. Simon is a simple one. To the
government and anyone else who wants to meddle in my life I say, "Drop
dead." The government in particular cannot under our Constitution
meddle in our lives. How we treat our own bodies is our own business.
Our bodies are our property and not government issue. It is to retain
the freedom of our persons upon which our Constitution is predicated.

Prohibition is fascism. It should never have ever been a part of our
democracy. It must be cut out of the fabric of our lives before we
become a theocratic police state under the control of American Talibans.

I do not want the government to teach my children the morality of
fascism. I want the government to say to my children, you were born
free, and we, the government, are here only to serve that freedom.

Our democracy was never hurt by the truth, and the truth is our
government has never demonstrated, nor has it even tried to show, that
drugs either harm the majority of the people, or could do harm to our
Constitution or the democracy that it has created. The truth is, our
government has lied about drugs, our politicians have kept their heads
in the sand, and now that we are struck by foreign terrorists, our
government tries to blame the addicted. The only harm from drugs for
the American people is the evil caused by the drug laws themselves.

Let us rise up together and end this folly, as we are not quite yet
slaves of the police, our politicians or our president elected by fraud.

Proud to be a free American!

Jos. E. Hopwood
Quantico, MD
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