Pubdate: Wed, 21 Nov 2001
Source: Oakville Beaver (CN ON)
Copyright: 2001, Oakville Beaver
Author: Robert Merkin


In "Neighbourhood Pot Labs Busted" (Oakville Beaver Nov. 16, 2001), you 
mention the Halton Police's "Drug and Morality Unit."

Why are the Halton Police enforcing morality? And whose morality are they 
enforcing? Is there an official national Canadian morality? Where can I 
obtain a copy of this document? Are the police enforcing Protestant 
morality or Catholic morality? They differ on several significant issues; 
some things condemned in one are permitted in the other.

When I have questions about moral behavior, I consult a trained and 
ordained member of the clergy. The notion that police officers, with their 
somewhat different training, have taken it upon themselves to scrutinize 
and enforce the community's morals is, quite frankly, very chilling. The 
notion that the government takes its preferred system of morality and 
translates it into criminal law smacks of 14th-Century Europe and the 
Inquisition, and is downright terrifying.

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