Pubdate: Sun, 25 Nov 2001
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 2001 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Rick Meredith, Wesley Chapel
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After reading about John Ashcroft and Asa Hutchinson closing down the 
medical marijuana supply clubs in California and their latest 
endeavor of threatening to revoke prescription-writing powers of 
doctors in Oregon who help terminally ill patients die with dignity, 
I feel much safer. Lord only knows what those sick marijuana smokers 
and those terminally ill patients (both groups are known for their 
ties with terrorists) had planned.

California's Medical Marijuana Law and Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law 
were passed by ballot initiative. As in, "We the People" have spoken. 
Both laws are protected by the Constitution's 10th Amendment. 
Evidently, Ashcroft and Hutchinson have not bothered to read the 
Constitution that they both swore to uphold.

Since Sept. 11, Americans have been living in a state of fear. Life 
as we once knew it in America will never be the same. It is good to 
know where our top law enforcement officials put their priorities.

I would like to suggest that Ashcroft and Hutchinson read the 
Constitution, stop terrorizing American citizens and start looking 
for the real terrorists.
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