Pubdate: Sat, 15 Dec 2001
Source: Santa Barbara News-Press (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Santa Barbara News-Press
Author: Janet Benner


Amen and thank you to Randy Alcorn for Sunday's "Right on Target" column.

I have direct interest in both of the issues he discussed, assisted suicide 
and medical marijuana.

My son, Ken Smyth, died in 1993 after having HIV/AIDS for about 12 years. 
We had always planned that when the time came, we would go together with 
our loved ones to the beautiful Santa Barbara beach and have a passing 
ceremony where he would ingest the medicine given him by his caring physician.

As it happened, his brain left him before he left his body, and the time 
never came.

During the later years of his illness, one of the few things that eased his 
pain, the nausea and the general sickies was marijuana. We got it for him 
whenever and however we were able.

It is patently absurd that we had to risk so much to afford him some little 
relief and comfort.

It is odd to me that these same people who do not want to help people die 
by choice and with dignity are so quick to push the capital punishment button.

Janet Benner

Santa Barbara
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