Pubdate: Wed, 14 Feb 2001
Source: Courier-Mail, The (Australia)
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Author: Bob Aldred, Chief executive officer, Alcohol and Drug Foundation


THE endorsement of Mardi McLean as a Liberal Party candidate for 
Bundamba is commended for recognising that a history of addiction 
does not preclude people from successful careers or community 
leadership following rehabilitation.

However, to endorse Naltrexone as the only hope for heroin addiction, 
(C-M, Feb 10) is misleading and can promote false expectations.

There are other successful heroin treatment and rehabilitation 
programmes with proven outcomes, including Methadone, therapeutic 
corninunities and residential rehabilitation programmes.

However, no programme is successful in treating all who have a heroin 
addiction. Naltrexone has undeniably been the answer for some, as 
have the other programmes. It is well recognised that we need a range 
and a combination of options to meet the physical, social and 
psychological needs of those with an addiction.

As yet, we have not seen the results of the Naltrexone trial in 
Queensland. When they are released, we will have a better 
understanding as to its value in treatment.
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