Pubdate: Thu, 01 Mar 2001
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2001, The Tribune Co.
Author:  T Edwards, Tampa


Regarding the article about House Bill 329, "Baxley bill asks state
lawmakers to voluntarily submit to drug test" (Florida Metro, Feb.

Hats off to Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, for the guts to propose a law
that would require state lawmakers to be subject to the same intrusive
and unconstitutional infringements that the average citizen must
endure in this so-called free country.

I'm sure the Legislature will not pass this bill and will clamor that
drug testing is unreliable and over-the-counter cold remedies or
bagels with poppy seeds can produce positive test results. Not to
mention the fact that the legislators would be stripped of their
constitutional right of due process. After all, these people are
elected to office to uphold the rights of the people that they represent.

So, maybe the Legislature will open its eyes and pass a bill that
would outlaw drug testing altogether. If not, Baxley should revise his
bill and make it mandatory to include all judges, state attorneys and
prosecutors so we can have justice for all.

T Edwards, Tampa
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