Pubdate: Wed, 07 Mar 2001
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
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Section: Letter of the Day
Author: Alan Randell
Noted: Headline by newshawk; parenthetical remark by the Sun editor

RE: "THE deal on drug courts," March 2. Mindelle Jacobs has swallowed
the myth of the efficacy of drug courts hook, line and sinker. Of
course, veteran prosecutor Kofi Barnes likes drug courts, his job
depends on them.  If drug courts save "gobs of money," why does the
federal government have to provide funding for them?

Jacobs says, "Despite the failures, Toronto's drug court certainly
beats the alternative (imprisonment)." I disagree. The alternative of
legalizing all drugs will do more to reduce the harm done by banned
drugs than setting up 10,000 drug courts. If coerced treatment is so
wonderful, why don't we prohibit alcohol and tobacco and set up courts
for those drugs too?

Alan Randell

(The legalization of all drugs is not in the cards.)
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