Pubdate: Wed, 6 Mar 2001
Source: Powell River Peak (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 Peak Publishing Ltd.
Contact:  4400 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 2K1 Canada
Author: Dana Larsen, Powell River/Sunshine Coast, BC Marijuana Party Candidate


As the BC Marijuana Party candidate for Powell River/Sunshine Coast, I was 
disappointed to be given a rotten raspberry ("Roses and raspberries," 
February 14)

Marijuana cultivation is one of BC's main economic engines, bringing 
billions of dollars into our provincial economy, much of this in Powell 
River and the Sunshine Coast.  Marijuana farming brings food and clothing 
to many families in this region, and we should be capitalizing on this 
home-grown economy, not trying to destroy it.

Most British Columbians accept that marijuana is an essentially harmless 
herb with many valuable medicinal and social uses.  The hundreds of 
millions of dollars that BC spends each year to send heavily armed SWAT 
teams after basement gardens would be better spent on health care or education.

Cannabis cultivation offers many exciting new opportunities for employment 
and agricultrue in BC.  There is an increasing worldwide demand for both 
industrial and medicinal cannabis products, and BC is in an excellent 
position to capitalize on this emerging global economy.

I encourage all British Columbians to consider the truly new and innovative 
solutions of the BC Marijuana Party, rather than simply recycling old 
politicians from failed past regimes.

Dana Larsen
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