Pubdate: Fri, 16 Mar 2001
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM)
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Author: Owen M. Lopez

Ideologically, I would probably disagree with John Dendahl on most issues. 
However, I wholeheartedly commend him on his support of Gov. Johnson's 
stance on New Mexico's drug laws.

Our foundation supports the governor's position via a grant to the 
Lindesmith Center, which has been retained to provide educational and 
advocacy services on the governor's behalf. History certainly suggests that 
the current drug laws have failed - not unlike Prohibition failed in the 
past century. Moreover, experience has taught me that abuse of alcohol is 
more of a concern than abuse of marijuana.

When will we have a rational discussion on how disastrously flawed our 
present drug policies are? When will we confront the vast corruption which 
the current laws engender, which is unraveling the very fabric of our 
society? When will we overcome our insanely self-righteous hypocrisy and 

Is that time now?

Owen M. Lopez
executive director McCune Charitable Foundation
Santa Fe 
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