Pubdate: Thu, 15 Mar 2001
Source: Eugene Weekly (OR)
Copyright: 2001 Eugene Weekly
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Author: Pete Mandrapa


Here we go again. It seems that once again we are militarily intervening in 
a country's internal affairs for a noble cause. This time we are fighting a 
war on drugs and are rescuing Colombians from the "narco-guerrillas." Last 
year it was Kosovo for "humanitarian" reasons. In the '80s it was Central 
America and the cause was defeat of the "evil empire" and the spread of 
democracy. Before that it was Grenada and Vietnam.

It is always done with good intentions. The sad fact is that the road to 
hell is often paved with good intentions. In Central America our military 
involvement caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. In Kosovo, the bombing 
caused hundreds of thousands of refugees and unnecessary deaths of 
thousands of innocents on both sides. Also our allies, the KLA, have become 
ethnic cleansers themselves and the biggest threat to peace in the Balkans 
today. In Colombia, militarization of the conflict through "Plan Colombia" 
is fanning the flames of war and hatred.

What are our strategic interests in all of these places? Behind the noble 
cause cover the answer is always the same: greed, oil, and domination. In 
Colombia the real reasons are oil, the need for American military presence 
close to the Panama Canal and the need to neutralize the threat of Hugo 
Sanchez, president of neighboring Venezuela, who has openly challenged 
American hegemony in Latin America.

Don't let history repeat itself. Speak up against this misguided policy!

Pete Mandrapa, Eugene
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