Pubdate: Wed, 21 Mar 2001
Source: Herald, The (WA)
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Author: Bill Wald


There's A War Against Everything These Days

On the Herald's March 11 editorial page we are fighting the drug war. 
On 1B, the alcohol war.

Then there is the seat belt war, the motorcycle helmet war, the 
rollerblade and scooter helmet war.

The war for fluorescent lightbulbs and now the new war against 
fluorescent light bulbs.

The war to increase the economy and the war against new construction.

The war against new roads and the war for new roads.

The war against tobacco and the war for tobacco revenue. The war to 
save fish and the war for hydro power.

The Herald is fighting most of these wars and on both sides. I 
suppose the newspaper industry is like the military industry. Sell 
guns to both sides and you make twice as much money.

BILL WALD, Everett
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