Pubdate: Thu, 22 Mar 2001
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Harvey Davey


A very hearty congratulations to Dan Gardner on his nomination for 
the Michener Award. Perhaps our politicians will give his series on 
"Losing the War on Drugs" a second read, even Justice Minister Anne 

His March 20 column, "This is your government on drugs," assuaged 
this reader who did not think the tone of his Feb. 28 article, "U.S. 
says jump, we say how high?," helped Mr. Gardner's case. The last one 
did a much better job.

Ms. McLellan's approach is not balanced and I think Mr. Gardner's 
anger and disgust are quite reasonable. Ms. McLellan's "facts" were 
unbelievable, as Mr. Gardner's rebuttal made so clear.

Perhaps Ms. McLellan could declare victory in the war and start a 
Marshall Plan or a McLellan Plan to allocate resources to rebuild the 
societies and the lives devastated by the war. It's not a new idea 
but it's better than anything the Liberal government or the Loyal 
Opposition have suggested.

Someone should get across what people in the addiction field have 
known for years: We cannot control another person's use of 
mood-altering substances. We can hold them responsible for their 
behavior when they use the substances as we do with drunk drivers.

History teaches the lesson over and over again: Prohibition has never 
worked, regardless of the draconian measures used to try to enforce 
it. Mr. Gardner knows, so why doesn't Ms. McLellan? Usually I agree 
with Ms. McLellan, but "balanced" -- she's not even close.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Gardner.

Harvey Davey,

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