Pubdate: Thu,  8 Mar 2001
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2001 Bolder Weekly
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Author: Roger Christie


Aloha from Hilo on this big, smoking volcano, Hawaii island. Mahalo for
printing the piece on Boulder 'bud' ("Hooked on 'Ponics," Feb. 8-14). It
makes for real good reading on one of the most controversial issues on
the planet. 

I would like to offer my suggestion to enjoyers of cannabis in your
area: Explore the First Amendment religious freedom for your cultivation
and use of cannabis sacrament. 

I am the first person in the nation to be licensed by a state as a
"cannabis sacrament" minister for the purpose of marrying people. I have
over 13,000 people protected by my ministry's paperwork. As far as I
know, all of us are enjoying our sacrament in peace. 

Cannabis was the active ingredient in the holy anointing oil of Exodus,
and "Christ" literally means to be 'anointed.' Anointed with what?
Cannabis, of course! If cannabis was used in anointing the Christ, then
the war on cannabis is literally the anti-Christ. 

The Rev. Roger Christie, Hawaii Cannabis Ministry
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