Pubdate: Thu, 05 Apr 2001
Source: Shawnee News-Star (OK)
Copyright: 2001 The Shawnee News-Star
Author: Ronda Ellis


To the Editor,

I must say I am surprised by the extreme measures to which some are willing 
to go and the rights they are willing to forgo for drug testing. The 
constitutionality of any particular law or policy is not a small matter.

Millions have died protecting the Constitution, fighting for what it stands 
for and ensuring that all generations enjoy the freedoms of our 
forefathers. The Fourth Amendment guarantees us the right against 
unreasonable searches and seizures.

Just being a student in a public school, which is mandatory by law, is not 
cause to be subject to drug testing. There are many social ills in our 
country, but we certainly cannot lower ourselves to random searches to try 
to curtail them. We have the right to feel secure in our property and our 

We do not live in a police state, and I don't think there are many who 
really want to start. While I do agree our children have the right to 
attend school in a drug-free atmosphere, I don't think random testing is 
the answer, nor do I feel testing those wishing to participate in 
extracurricular activities is right either.

It's been proven such programs help keep kids out of trouble because of 
their positive incentives; it is a shame to persecute those wanting to be 
involved. Perhaps it is time for parents to do their job and police their 
own kids, watch for the signs and be involved in their students' lives -- 
every part of their lives. Sometimes society's woes can be cured with an 
ounce of prevention at home.

Ronda Ellis
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