Pubdate: Sun, 08 Apr 2001
Source: Duncan News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 Duncan News Leader
Author: Murray Sager
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Ah yes: the world unfolding as ordained by the RCMP. In the most 
unsophisticated plot imaginable, a sniffer dog and his flak-jacketed, 
milk-fed, wholesome boy-wonder handler arrive in sunny Duncan. Gosh says 
the Sergeant., "what shall we do with the wonder-team? " Sniff sniff sniff 
and surprise surprise, administrators and parents, right on cue want the 
hero and his trusty sidekick sniffing up and down the halls of academe. 
Quelle horreur: they are turned away the first time, but never fear, 
rejected yet determined, the intrepid twosome meet with the school 
superintendent and after explaining the party line the super agrees to 
re-open the debate ( yikes, wonder boy and dog were almost unemployed...!) 
Actually I can't imagine a constable ever getting within sniffing distance 
of an interview with a school superintendent, but then, times change.

Who directs this nonsense? Does a constable from nowhere or this community 
initiate programs in schools? And when will that critical little bit of 
fine print about search warrants be answered? The newspaper article coyly 
brought it up and then gently slid off into irrelevancy.

Murray Sager
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